Tips For Creating Your Own Personalized Clothing Labels

What does it take to design clothing labels? It seems that an entire industry has sprouted up around the idea of selling printed clothing labels to the general public. Designing your own clothing labels can be fun and lucrative. The same goes for consumers; what a product of clothing looks like and what it prices are the main concerns of most buyers, but more importantly clothing labels should never be overlooked so easily. Clothing labels provide important information on a product, sometimes basic data that may only be the difference between a product being purchased quickly or placed back on the shelf. It is vital to the success of clothing label designing that people not only know where to find these labels but why they need them.

Most people will simply use law labels to know what they are purchasing before they ever leave the store. Most of the time these labels will include basic data such as the name of the brand, the style, and the manufacturer's name. Other data may be helpful such as the washing instructions on the garment size. Woven labels may include such information or just have a few blank spaces to write in your own information.

If you are designing your own tyvek labels it may help to include some sort of instruction on how to properly hang the garment. Most fabric stores stock the needed hardware in the correct size to mount your label. However sometimes it is easier to purchase the hardware and then to create special hang brackets to hang your label. If you plan on using any sewing or glue tools it would be wise to have a few extra spares so that you do not run out of something that is needed. Most fabric stores will carry several different types of hooks and rods that can be used to hang tags. If you choose to purchase hooks and rods for your handmade label making project, be sure to also purchase some Swarovski crystal so that you can use them when needed.

After purchasing the hardware and embellishments for your clothing labels, it is time to write the most important information. If you are creating your own label, it is important to include the brand name, the designer, the fabric type, color and any other details. It is best to put the most important information at the top of the label and the least at the bottom. It is also a good idea to make copies of your labels so that you can save them or share them with others. Having your own personalized labels will be helpful in your everyday sewing projects and even in selling items from your home.

When you have completed your clothing labels it is time to add your textile and artwork. The artwork that you choose to print on your labels is up to you. There are no restrictions on what you print except that it should be simple, clean and legible. To ensure that the content labels fit right onto your clothing tag, it is helpful if you can print out samples from your computer. You can then examine each printout and determine which label will fit best. It is a good idea to draw each label and write the size of the tag along with the measurements in a separate piece of paper.

After selecting your clothing tags it is time to attach them to a tag holder. A clothing label holder will help prevent your tags from getting misplaced. To attach the label to the hang tag, place the hanging tag inside the hole on the hang tag. The second tag will be placed on top of the first and overhanging slightly. Be sure the two tags are perpendicular to each other and that they are securely pressed against each other before closing the hole on the hang tag. See post, visit

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